Amanda took Milly outside today and found a caterpillar to put in the little bug cage Karen bought for her a few weeks ago.  There was a stick and leaves for it and everything.  When we left for small group, she and Kirsten were playing with it out on the patio.  When we got home from small group, Kirsten showed us a video she took.  In it, Milly walked away with Mr. Caterpillar as she called it, then she sat down.  Kirsten walked over to her and Milly told her, “He is broken.”  I don’t know if she sat on it or if she pushed herself up with her hands while it was in her hand, but Mr. Caterpillar got a little squished.

Amanda had told Kirsten if that happened to tell her he had to go see his mommy and daddy and that they’d find another one to play with later.

When we were leaving Milly kept waving and shouting BYE at us.  It was very cute and made me not want to leave.

We had a social night for small group since the Sawyers were not there and David is leading our current study.  We had salad and Elizabeth’s pizza.  We got three pies, which seemed to be about perfect.  We ordered one pizza was feta cheese on it, and that one was better than we expected it to be.  It might be a new staple for when we order Elizabeth’s.

For the most part the girls gathered in Reece and Stephanie’s living room and eventually played Imaginiff.  Us guys sat at the kitchen table and talked sports.  David and Jared talked hockey a little (which we said nobody cared about, since North Carolina is a basketball state), but we mainly talked basketball.  Later on Reece and I introduced them and Simon to Carcassonne.  It goes really fast with five players.  I won.

Callie and Brynn came over today.  I was pretty busy, so I didn’t see much of them or watch Milly at play.  At one point Amanda moved to avoid Brynn, who crawled in front of her and ended up hurting one of her fingers by sidestepping while off balance and trying to catch a door frame.  It’s been hurting her ever since and is swollen and bruised on one side.  We’re really hoping she didn’t break it.

Zach Dotsey