First off, congrats to the Kentucky Wildcats for winning the NCAA championship tonight against the Kansas Jayhawks.  It looked like UK was going to run away with it for a bit, but Kansas withstood and made a pretty valiant effort in the second half, UK beat KU 67-59.  I called my dad this evening to see how he felt about the game and he said he thought Kentucky should win it, but he knew that Kansas tends to show a lot of poise late in the game.  I called him again after the final buzzer and he answered the phone with a big “WOOO!”

So, the Grumpy Lizard.

Karen, who always takes care of Milly on Mondays, brought Milly home this afternoon and told me that Milly was telling her a story about the Grumpy Lizard.  Milly was using her imagination and made up her own story!  I was really excited about this.  I asked her to tell me about him, and what I learned was that the Grumpy Lizard took her backpack and shared with her and he fell off and hit his head but the doctor made him feel better with a bandaid.  And other stuff too.  It was adorable to hear her ramble on about this Grumpy Lizard of hers.

Amanda and I have a new iPhone app obsession, it would seem.  We both played a good bit of Ticket to Ride on our iWhatevers tonight.  I started one game with me and her, Reece, Michael and Jenn.  That one will probably take forever though.  Amanda got upset with me about the one-on-one game we played tonight because I had blocked one of her tracks, which lead to her losing pretty badly to me.  I beat her a second time by a single point.

Zach Dotsey