Today wasn’t very busy, which isn’t surprising given that it’s Good Friday.  I kept myself busy though, getting things in motion for a service I’ve been wanting to offer for quite a while now.  I finally had time to get some preliminary work done on it, so hopefully I’ll be able to roll it out before too terribly long.

The Hausers came over for dinner tonight.  Milly and Rosa kept each other pretty occupied and Emil kept trying to get into the water bowls.  Guess that’s a universal thing for toddlers.  Simon and I ended up taking all the kids on a short walk while Amanda finished fixing the enchiladas.

After the left we went to church, meeting up with the Frazelles plus Uncle Reid and Maddie, along with her three siblings.  She’d been at Waffle House with them earlier and an old man gave her $10 and told her to get something for the kids.  We’re guessing he thought they were hers.

The service, from the music to the message, was all really good.  Of course Port City tends to bring it, especially during the major Christian holidays.  It ran a bit longer than expected though, so we didn’t go to BrrrBerry afterwards like we’d planned because it was well past Milly’s bedtime and after getting drum lessons from Christian she turned a little cranky.  Even then we probably would have joined them anyway, but we’re getting up early to have breakfast with Amanda’s grandparents tomorrow.

She was great on the ride home though, talking about the moon.  At first it was coming with us, then she couldn’t see it anymore so the moon was sad.  Then she saw it again, and awww, it’s so tiny.  Then it was trying to catch us.

Amanda and I watched Community after we put her down.  It was another epic episode, this one being presented in Civil War documentary style about a war between Troy and Abed about a pillow fort versus a blanket fort.

Zach Dotsey