Got up this morning and went to Beulaville to have breakfast with Peggy and Earl, Amanda’s grandparents.  Milly was very eager to go to GG’s park, which is what she calls the little park across the street from their house.  Karen was there too, as she is every Saturday morning.

Went to Amanda’s parents’ house after that.  Thought about taking Milly to an Easter egg hunt at their church, but she was showing signs of being tired.  I went on a run into town with Phil and Amanda and Karen went to go see The Hunger Games.  The 1:00 was sold out, which was a bit surprising to all, since it’s been out a few weeks now, so they stayed in Jacksonville and went to a later show.

Michael and I figured out how to play a game of his called Macao while Milly napped.  Afterwards Phil grilled some ribs and a mixture of vegetables that Michael put together.  We ate shortly after Amanda and Karen got home.

After Milly went to bed Amanda, Michael and I played Macao.  Michael won, as he did the first game, I came in second and Amanda finished last.  I was surprised though; I thought I was going to lose.

Amanda told me today that at some point in the last few days while in the car, she and Milly had been working on letter sounds.  Amanda would say something like, “T-t-truck.  Truck begins with T.”  They did a few other T words, then Milly picked up a towel and said, “T-t-towel.  Towel begins with T.”  Since Amanda told me that it’s become a bit of a game where we do that with lots of letters.  Sometimes she gets it, sometimes she’s a little off (like B versus V) and sometimes I think she just wants to say words that she likes.

I get a message on Facebook late last night from Andra, then I talked to her today.  She said that her mini Dachshund, Emma, had been attacked by another dog in the neighborhood, a beagle, and they they weren’t sure if she was going to make it.  She was having seizures and bled on Addison.  They gave her Valium, and Andra said she’s not seizing anymore, but apparently she’s blind.  It’s unknown whether that’s permanent or not.

Zach Dotsey