Milly got to look for plastic eggs with chocolate in them this morning when she first got up.  We let her have one.  She also found a dog-shaped guitar that the Easter Bunny left for her.  She plays with one at Barnes & Noble often when we go there.

We took off for Amanda’s parents’ church a little later.  Phil had already gone, but the rest of us; me, Amanda, Milly, Karen and Michael, all rode over in our car.  Afterwards Amanda told her mom she’d go to the grocery store with her while us boys and Milly went home, but Karen didn’t hear or forgot or something and Amanda couldn’t find her, so she rode back with us then pretended to still be looking for her mom at church when Karen called a little later.

Milly was a bit grumpy after church and wasn’t terribly social until she saw two boys a few years older than she is climbing trees.  They weren’t high off the ground, so I put her in one and she really seemed to enjoy it.

Milly went down for a nap when we got back and the rest of us ate lunch outside, but there were largish insects flying around bothering us.  One that I swatted ended up on Michael’s plate.

Michael and I played a few games of Ticket to Ride on our iPhones throughout the day.  He won all of those, plus the two games of Macao we played.  Later on I couldn’t even get any wins against the computer.  I think my mojo was wrecked or something.

After Milly got up we all went over to Amanda’s grandparents’ house.  The Frazelles arrived, having just come from visiting Barry’s parents, with Kirsten’s boyfriend Jerry in tow.  He and I talked comic books.  Nerds.

Milly dyed Easter eggs then we hid them around the yard for her to find.  She did a pretty good job, finding most of them on her own.  To my surprise she actually ate some of the eggs too.

We ate dinner and socialized then left around 7:30.  When we got home we put Milly down, though she pooped twice in the next hour or so.  Milly won’t poop during the day, so she holds it in until after she goes to sleep then wakes up crying about it.  I can’t wait for her to get over this poop thing.

Zach Dotsey