Stayed pretty busy finishing up a few projects.

Went to Zoe’s Kitchen for lunch with Peggy and Earl, who were in town to get a suit Earl bought for Hannah’s wedding adjusted.  We convinced them to eat somewhere besides the mall because we were going to Lewis Farm to pick strawberries after, which is what we did. Anna was going to join us, but wasn’t feeling up to it, still being upset about recent tragic events.

Kirsten, who’s been there with Milly the last two years, was there, though she was working at dishing out ice cream.  We got to talk to her briefly though.

Milly didn’t want to try any strawberries, but there was one she kept licking.

When we were eating ice cream she saw a boy with a Mickey Mouse shirt sitting near us and said something about him being there with his grandma, which I thought was pretty impressive.  The boy’s grandmother heard her and remarked on it.

Kenzie and Kimber came over from across the street to play with Milly for a bit and left a little bit before Nick and the kids came over.  Milly and Eli were playing in the office after taco soup dinner and ended up turning the Xbox on.  It did an update, then later when I saw it was still on and was going to turn it off I figured I’d try loading a game for the heck of it.  It worked.  A few months ago I tried it and it wouldn’t read disks.  Weird.

Amy arrived, just getting off work, around 8:30.  We let the kids stay up until she got there.

We were all a bit beat but still played a game of Ticket to Ride anyway.  I thought I was going to lose because I had all small cards, but I ended up winning.  If the game had gone on one more turn Nick would have won.  As it was he was one track (of two trains for which he had cards) away from kicking tail.  Glad I ran out of cards when I did.

I realized that I had once again forgotten to do my Milly pushups, so Amanda volunteered to let me do some Amanda pushups.  I managed one and pushed my way through a second.  Not quite the same as doing 30 Milly pushups, but it was something.  Maybe I should switch and start doing that every day.  Or I could do 30 Milly pushups in the morning and a few Amanda pushups in the evening.  Hmm.  I wonder how many regular pushups I can do now.

Total side note, last week when we went to Richlands we forgot Milly’s toothpaste, so we let her use ours with the stipulation that she spit it out and not swallow any of it.  She did a good job with it and about half the time now she’ll ask to use our toothpaste instead of her own.  She’s getting pretty good with it.

Zach Dotsey