Amanda and I were volunteering at a small group connection at church directly after the 9:00 service (which is a new way for them to do it), so Amanda asked me to wash one of the volunteer shirts last night.  I did that, but I forgot to dry it, along with the rest of the load of clothes including some pants Amanda wanted to wear.  She put them in the dryer this morning, but that meant she didn’t have much to wear while getting ready.  I told her if the clothes weren’t dry she should just go to church like that, but she said she thought they might ask her to leave.

So we helped out with the connection, which I thought went pretty well.  It wasn’t nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be and it was pretty easy getting a few couples plugged into groups.  Amanda gave Anna the sticker to give her access to picking Milly up from Grow Zone.  The two of them plus Barry were outside when we were done.  I found them just as they were coming in, Milly with a roly poly in her hand.

We changed up our Sunday morning routine today.  Instead of the usual, we stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for some (non-doughnut) breakfast food then went to park at Anna and Barry’s so we could go out on the beach for a bit.  There was a surf contest put on by the Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association, an organization for which I designed a website and was an event sponsor.  The main events were all yesterday, but I did go by and say hi and got a couple shirts for my effort.  One of them was a shirt for the event and had the Nextwave Concepts logo right next to the Fuzzy Peach logo, which was a nice spot to be.  Coincidentally, the other shirt I got was a Fuzzy Peach shirt.

We hung out on the beach for a bit.  I spent some time digging holes for Milly to sit in then completely covering her with sand, which she thought was hilarious.  Maybe we’ll do this more on Sunday mornings.  Maybe not.

We got back to the house around 2:00 I think, maybe a little after.  Milly took a nap then Amanda and I watched The Soup and Grimm.  I decided I’d take a nap too, because I stayed up a little late making sure the Xbox still works.  (Which it does.)  Instead of curling up in the cool, shaded guest room I just napped on the couch.  I knew it wouldn’t be a terribly long nap anyway.  I had a slight headache when I closed my eyes, but it was worse when I woke up.

We spent the rest of the evening the way we usually do when we’re not having dinner with the Frazelles, which is to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie.  Tonight we watched Aladdin, which was on ABC Family.  They’re generally a good source of Sunday evening family viewing.  Beauty and the Beast came on after, and we watched a bit of that too before putting Milly to bed.

Milly’s thing with sucking on her fingers is getting out of hand.  After repeated warnings she ended up in the corner over it at one point. I’ve been tempted to put some pepper or something on her hands, but Amanda’s afraid she’s rub her eyes.

Amanda and I watched an episode of SVU after Milly went to bed and I spent some time talking to Ben Lambeth.  We’ve been playing phone tag the past week or two, initiated by me wanting to let him know that he left his iPod here last time they came for a visit.  It was good catching up with him.

Karen called to let us know that she was going to be working tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to come watch Milly.  Amanda texted a couple people to ask if anyone wanted to bring their kids over to play to keep her occupied and Amy texted back to say that she was going to the beach tomorrow with Nick, Eli, Ada and all three of the Mason girls and that she could join.  Amanda spent some time this evening getting a bag ready for Milly to go with them tomorrow and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her to take.  I thought it was really sweet of Amanda to take care of all of that in order to help me out tomorrow.

Total side note, Milly called me Zachary Paul Dotsey a few times today.

Oh, and happy 35th anniversary to my parents.  I talked to my dad and he told me that he had gone golfing and Mom was on her second horse ride today, but he had some steak he was going to be making for dinner soon.

Time to go watch Game of Thrones.

Zach Dotsey