I woke up earlier than usual this morning then went back to sleep.  Then I woke up and realized I didn’t have much time before needing to have Milly ready to leave the house.  She was still in bed when I went to her room, so she was sleeping in a bit too I guess.  I got her up, lathered her down with sunscreen, which took longer than it should have because she wanted the sunscreen and various bottles of lotion to talk to her, threw on her bathing suit and was pouring some Froot Loops in a cup for her when Amy and Nick came to the door.  Nick loaded her car seat up, Amy grabbed her bag and I got the girl herself and away she went with her pals.  The Warkentien clan plus Milly met up with Allison, Callie and Brynn Mason at the beach and didn’t get back until some time after 12:30, allowing me to get quite a bit done today.  Amy said they were good, and the only time she had to get on them was when Eli and Milly were screaming from tickling each other.

Once I got Milly inside I rinsed the sand off of her with a bath then put her down for her nap.  She was a little stuffy, which I’m thinking she probably picked up from Grow Zone yesterday.  Hopefully she’ll be over it by this weekend.

Milly stayed down until 5:00, though she was awake when I went into her room to make sure she got up.  She announced to me that she had peed and pooped, and I think one was so large that it allowed some of the other to get out of her pullup, so we cleaned her off then she wanted to help me change her sheet.

Amanda came home for a little bit then went to a Pampered Chef party.  Her mom said she’d give her $50 to put towards a purchase, which was mighty nice.  Throughout the night we were shadows or feathers.  Milly came into the office while I was finishing up some work to matter of factly tell me about a scary shadow.  It had something to do with an episode of Blue’s Clues we were watching.

Amanda got home just after Milly and I finished a bath.  She insisted I get in too, and she’s not aware enough yet that she makes me too self-aware.  Plus there were a lot of bubbles.  I mainly gave her a bath to be sure I’d gotten her nice and sand-free from earlier and to use the vapors from the bath to help clear out her nasal passages.  Anyway, we poured water on our heads and poured water from one cup to another until the tub mysteriously started getting low.  Then we got out and tied towels around our nexks so we could be superheroes, at which point Mommy came home.

I lost to Amanda in Ticket to Ride, losing, once again, by my inability to complete a single track.  Actually, she probably would have beat me that game anyway.  But I did win the next one, finally.

Mike Gbinije is transferring from Duke, it’s been officially announced.  Silent G, as he’s called, was a point of contention among Duke fans all season long as he seemed to fit a gaping hole in the lineups.  Of course, the counter argument is that he must not have shown readiness in practices.  He didn’t get much playing time this year for one reason or another, but I always hate to see people, especially ones who appear to have as much potential as he does, leave.

Zach Dotsey