I’ve been playing a bit of College Hoops 2K7 (I do tend to come back to the game pretty often) and won the NCAA Championship in the game with The Citadel last night.  I thought about taking another job, but no big-time schools were offering so I thought I’d wait.

Milly and I took a walk to the store this morning.  They’ve got a little outdoor table with chairs set up on display near the entrance, and next to it they’ve got a kid-sized table and chairs.  Milly sat in it for a minute then declared that the chair was too small for her.  I thought that was somehow pretty profound coming from her.

She was apparently very excited to eat our traditional walk-to-the-store doughnut, because when we got outside I turned around to put our bags in the wagon and by the time I turned back around she was at the far end of the building sitting in the spot where we usually sit to eat our doughnuts.  She had said as soon as we walked into the store that she wanted one with sprinkles, and sure enough that’s what she picked.

Zach Dotsey