I was gone for a good chunk of the afternoon today.  I had a meeting where I was showing a client how to use his new site, which took the largest portion.  That was pretty fun though.  He’s a stuntman and showed me some behind-the-scenes footage of setting stunts up and the like, which I really enjoyed.  He even gave me a shirt for one of the shows he works on.

After that I went to a few stores to try to find a belated birthday present for my dad.  I wanted to get him a Kentucky national championship shirt, but I couldn’t find one anywhere I looked.  Amanda looked too and couldn’t find one, so she’s going to look in a few stores at the mall tomorrow.

Milly is really cute when we’re leaving for small group.  This week and last she asked where we were going, or else I told her we were going to small group, and I asked if she wanted to come.  She’d say, “Nooo,” almost as though acting like she was thinking about it, but not really.  Then when we leave she shouts, “Bye, Daddy!  Bye Mommy!” from the front porch as we drive off.

There was a bit of confusion with small group this evening.  David Sawyer originally called around to say he couldn’t make it, and he’s the one leading our study right now.  It’s not one that someone else could just jump in and direct on the fly, so Amanda was looking for other things to do to cover for the night.  Amanda and I didn’t finish listening to a recording of a sermon on the topic and I didn’t get a chance to read the material, but then he called right before he left and said he was able to go after all.  The deal was that their babysitter had to cancel and Isaac had a double ear infection, so they didn’t want to saddle him with someone new.  Jennifer decided that Isaac was being pretty good though, so she’d be able to handle him herself.

Anyway, I’m glad David could make it because the conversation, mainly dealing with the Fall, was pretty good.  It was just a little chaotic in the meantime.  I do need to help make it so we stay focused though, or that when one person speaks and someone else has a comment that there aren’t multiple comments coming all at once.

While I was out I picked up Fable 3 for the Xbox for $10.  It’s a game I wanted to play when it came out, and I just received a little extra money from some online ads I threw up on a site, so I figured why not?

Zach Dotsey