Amanda banged on the window from the front porch to my office and excitedly told me to bring the camera. She and Milly had just witnessed Mr. Caterpillar emerging from his cocoon as a moth. When asked what his new name was, since he was no longer a caterpillar, Milly said his name was Good, which was what she named a caterpillar at Gigi and GP’s house on Easter. Later on she said it should have a princess name and changed it to Tinkerbell. Yet later still she changed it to Duke (I was wearing a Duke shirt, which I think prompted it), but when we were praying tonight she changed it back to Tinkerbell.  We’re glad this happened, because Amanda and I were both starting to think that Mr. Caterpillar was literally never going to emerge from the cocoon.

Tinkerbell spent most of the afternoon hanging from the top of Milly’s bug house. I’m thinking we’re going to have to let him go tomorrow.

For dinner we went to Moe’s because they were giving some of their proceeds to Half United, a local company (whose website I did, not to mention that we know the people who run it) that sells clothes and accessories, but uses that money to help fight local and global hunger. Amanda called Anna when we’d finished eating to see if the Frazelles would like to get a Milly fix, since we weren’t far from their home, but it turned out that Anna and Hannah were coming to Moe’s shortly anyway, so we waited around and hung out with them for a while.

We got home a bit past Milly’s bedtime. After she went down we watched some TV. Amanda got a Charlie horse. She used to get them somewhat regularly, but it’s been a while since she’s had one.

Zach Dotsey