Work work, then we went to the Hausers’ for dinner after stopping by Costco.  We upgraded our account from whatever the standard is to an executive one, or some such.  It’s twice as much, but you get money back or something and if you don’t make that money back they pay it to you.  The guy who took care of it for us showed us that so far this year we’d have already made up the difference.  No brainer, really.  Plus we got a Costco credit card that gives us 2% back on store purchases, 3% back on any gas purchases and 1% on anything else.

So after that we went to the Hausers’.  Milly’s been excited about going to see Rosa ever since Amanda told her we’d be going over there, which was yesterday.  When we pulled up Rosa ran outside in nothing but her underwear, so I told Milly that Rosa was so excited to see her that her clothes fell off.  When Milly got out of the car she said, “Rosa!  Your clothes fell off!”

This was our first time at the Hausers’, and I liked their place.  The house has a lot of space and the location is somewhat secluded, plus it’s just minutes away from Topsail Beach.  Anyway, we had some sort of friend chicken, which I think Moni said is usually done with a different meat and something that was similar to macaroni and cheese with fried onions on it.  Moni made the noodles herself.  After that she and Simon gave us some of their favorite candies, which had been mailed to them from Germany, and later on we had some very moist and gooey-centered brownies.

We brought some wine that the Frazelles had given to us from the excess they had from a wine of the month club.  Amanda and Monique, and later Ashley when she and Jared came over, kept talking about how good it was.  I can’t remember the name of it now, but I do remember that it was Portuguese.  Moni and I were looking at the label trying to figure out where it was from and we both were guessing Brazil because we thought it was in Portuguese.

We had a really good time hanging out with everyone.  One thing about the group we were hanging out with is that Simon is pretty quiet and Ashley is pretty quiet, but they’re both funny in their own ways.  On the other hand, their spouses (Jared and Monique, respectively) are pretty wide open (and also funny).  We talked about all kinds of stuff and had a really good time with everyone.

Milly had a great time too.  She and Rosa, and Emil, to an extent since he’s so much younger, got a lot of energy out running around their backyard and bouncing on the two mattresses the Hausers have pushed together on the floor in their room.  We put her down in a guestroom without any trouble.

It was my mom’s birthday, so I called her and talked to her for just a bit.  She said my dad had made some of the best filet she’s ever had.

Zach Dotsey