Uncharacteristically, I spent a good portion of my day today working.  I say uncharacteristically because it’s a Saturday.  We originally thought about going to the beach, but it was dreary all day and never got quite warm enough to do it.  We’re planning on trying tomorrow though.

The work I did wasn’t stuff that needed to be done right away, but since we didn’t really have anything going on I went ahead and knocked it out.  When Milly went down for her nap Amanda printed out some pictures for scrapbooking.  She was picking up from 2009, shortly after Milly’s birth.  She really enjoys doing that.

Amanda picked up several new ink cartridges the other day specifically so she could print out pictures for the scrapbooks, but we had an issue with the printing at first because I guess the photo magenta’s nozzle needing cleaning.  We had a couple images of me and Milly napping on the couch when she was just a few months old that came out much bluer than they should have.  Amanda put some tape on one of those and let Milly put it on the bottom of the top bunk so she could look at it, which I thought was really sweet.  Maybe that’ll become a thing for her.

I’ve been wanting to get a new desktop lately.  My laptop works fine, great even, but I mostly just work in one place in my office and as much as I’m on the computer I’ve burned through some laptops in the past few years.  I’ve got an old desktop that I use to run a few programs because I can leave it on without too much worry, but it’s old and pretty slow now.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve been looking at PCs and Macs.  The nice thing about PCs is that you can get a lot more, spec-wise, for your money, but Macs seem to last longer and not get bogged down as much over time and are just overall more stable.  I’ve got the green light to do whatever I want from my financial consultant (that would be Amanda), but it’s a tough jump for me to make.

Amanda and Milly played a good bit today, and I played with her in her room for a good bit this afternoon.  She’s really into just playing a lot lately.  It was, with a few minor exceptions, a pretty fun day with her today.

Tinkerbell wasn’t in the bug cage anymore when we looked today.  As we told Milly, she went off to tell her mommy that she’d become a moth now.  Tinkerbell, thanks for being a nice caterpillar for a day or two and letting us watch you in your cocoon for a couple weeks, and thanks too for letting Milly and Amanda watch you come out as a moth.  Very cool of you.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I caught up on all our Thursday shows and played a game of Ticket to Ride on our iWhatevers that she won.

Today was Justin Hauenstein’s birthday, and what a birthday he had.  From what we gathered on Facebook from things Lisa posted, their chihuahua, Emery, who looks a lot like Bruce (but not as fat) got lost, then she got run over, but thankfully she survived and someone took her to a vet.  She’s injured, but it sounds like it could have been a lot worse.  I’m glad for them that she seems to be okay.

Zach Dotsey