Yesterday we told Milly we were going to the beach, only for the day to be a little dreary and coldish (for a day at the beach) with the threat of rain hovering around, so we didn’t go.  Milly kept talking about going yesterday though, so we told her we’d try today.  After church, Atlanta Bread and a nap, we tried the beach.  The sun was warm and it was a pretty day, but the wind was cold.

We ended up just hanging out at the Frazelles for a while.  Milly played with Barry almost the whole time while Amanda, Anna and Hannah looked at bridesmaids dresses.  Milly still kept talking about going to the big beach (as opposed to the little beach, which is a little stretch of sand on the sound side that Barry sometimes takes her to), so I took her on out there myself after a while.

Milly wanted to walk, which was cool with me, but then when we got further up the access the said, “I’m a little baby,” (which is a favorite declaration of hers lately) and started crawling.  My intention was for us to walk out there for a bit and come on back in before she could make too much of a mess, but she ended up rolling all around in the sand anyway.  We weren’t out there too long though, and the sand didn’t stick to her all that badly.

We got home around 6:00 and spent some family time together watching TV and playing games.  I took Milly up to take a bath and she ended up pooping.  In the potty, I should add.  That’s a big deal because she tends to only want to poop at night in her pullups.  She did it one of the last times she took a bath too.  Maybe the warm water helps loosen things up for her, I don’t know.  Either way, it’s a step in the right direction.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it yesterday or not (and I’m too lazy to check), but Amanda found and gave Milly on old small cell phone of her that she found in a desk drawer, and Milly seems to love the thing.  This morning she decided to take it in the car with her and she spent almost the whole way to church and then to Atlanta Bread talking on the phone.  By and large she was talking to Belle, Beast and, most of all, Gaston.  Gaston was “falling on the roof,” so Amanda told her to tell him (and told him herself when she was given the phone to talk to him) that he should quit calling and use both hands to pull himself up.  He should also stop playing on the roof because it was dangerous and, I added, be nice to Beast.  Milly repeated or expounded on variations of all that for most of her conversations.

A week or two ago Milly said something while we were lying in bed after just putting her down about the sun going down, or maybe about the moon coming up.  Either way, I started telling her, “The sun has gone down and the moon has come up, and long ago somebody left with the cup.”  You may recall that as being lyrics of Cake’s hit, The Distance (video below, in case you don’t know the song).  At any rate, I did that once and she started asking me to do it pretty regularly, so tonight I played it on my phone after her bath and she, Amanda and I danced to it.  She seemed pretty pleased to hear the actual song, like, “Oh, thaaat’s what you’re talking about!”

Tonight when we were lying in bed I told her someone was going to come play with her tomorrow.  When she finally guessed Nana she said Nana was going to take her to Brilliant Sky.  I asked her about the park or the arboretum and Milly started talking about all the things they do at the arboretum, like putting her feet in the water and looking at weird plants.  Her words, not mine.

Amanda and I watched a couple episodes of Fringe after Milly went to bed.  The first one took place in a future in which the Observers had taken over.  It left off in what seemed like a good place to leave off, but not at the end of the story.  The next episode picked right back up where the one before the first one had left off, which left us a bit perplexed at first.  Then I read that they’ve done something like that for the nineteenth episode of each season, which I guess I never really put together.

Zach Dotsey