No more paci.  Milly said she’s ready to trade her paci in for a toy today, so we both had talks with her about it making sure she knew that if she traded in her paci she wouldn’t have it to sleep with anymore.  When I asked if she understood this she said she did.

To that end, Amanda and Milly went to Brilliant Sky this afternoon and Milly picked out a light-up ladybug that casts stars and a moon on the wall in red, blue and green.  Amanda said she gave Milly the paci to hand to the guy at the counter and she looked at first like she might cry, but she did it.  Amanda asked the ladybug’s name and at first Milly said it was Lady, but then she changed it to Super Lady.

No more paci.  We’ll see how tonight goes.

After that they went to the park with the Johnsons.

Milly was in a pretty good mood today.  She seemed to laugh at almost everything.  I mean every little thing.

After I finished doing some work I took Milly back out with me to get things for Amanda’s birthday and Mother’s Day.  It was  hard because I’ve had to give ideas to other people.  Didn’t help that Milly wanted to touch everything everywhere we went.  I only ended up getting the birthday stuff.

Amendment 1 was passed by the state of North Carolina tonight.  It states that the only union North Carolina will recognize will be that of a man and a woman.  A lot of people are sold on it as codifying same-sex marriage as not being recognized in North Carolina, which is already the case; this just puts it into the state constitution.  What a lot of people are overlooking is that the only union recognized will be a marriage between a man and a woman, which has implications beyond what a lot of people seem to see it as.

Zach Dotsey