Yesterday evening as I was getting out of the car I was about to hang the earrings I got for Amanda from the rearview mirror so she’d see them when she got in it to go to work in the morning.  However, she poked her head out the door when we came home, I guess not thinking that I might be carrying a bag or something with her birthday present in it.  I told her I was going to let her have a present first thing, but that I couldn’t now because the surprise was ruined.  So I snuck out late last night and hung it from one of the levers by the steering wheel.

I spent a portion of the morning supervising Milly in making a birthday card for her mother.  It’s a mixed media deal with (in order) marker, crayon, brushed finger paint, glue and glitter.  If you look at the picture you can see where Milly wrote her own name in marker and where she and I wrote Happy Birthday together in glue before covering it in glitter.  If you look to the left of the blob she made by mixing all the finger paint colors together you can see what distinctly looks like a bowed horse head.

Milly, by the way, did a great job sleeping without her pacifier last night.  She did ask for it at nap time, but she didn’t fuss.  I just had to remind her that she traded it in and that she didn’t have it anymore.

When she woke up I went upstairs ahead of Amanda and slipped the birthday card under the door so she could give it to Amanda.  She had peed in the bed and told me she wasn’t sucking her thumb.  When I looked at it it was obvious that she was telling the truth- she wasn’t sucking her thumb… anymore.  It was all white and shriveled up and I told her it looked like a raisin.  Amanda and I showed her what her thumb looked like and told her that’s why you don’t suck your thumb.  She starting getting upset and said she had ugly germs (from the Yo Gabba Gabba tiny ugly germs we suppose) in her mouth, so we jumped on it and agreed that yes, if you suck your thumb you get ugly germs in your mouth.

Had lots to do this afternoon and was trying to get done early so Amanda and I could listen to the sermon for tonight’s small group discussion.  I ended up listening to the wrong one.

We met the Johnsons at Brixx for dinner.  They’re leaving town on Friday and won’t be around for Amanda’s party.  As soon as we got there I went and bought Amanda’s other present, which was a dress from Fedora.  Unfortunately I got the wrong one.  She liked the pattern, but the sleeves were way too big on her, so I guess I just ended up buying her some store credit.  Anna came by while we were eating and gave Amanda some flowers and a gift card.

Small group discussion centered on fairness and perception.  Fortunately it didn’t dip into a discussion on Amendment 1, because there were some very differing views in the room.

As we were leaving the Johnsons’, Reece asked if I’d like to hang onto his truck for the five weeks they’ll be gone on a missionary trip in Sweden.  I thought that was really nice of him.  So we’ll temporarily be back to having two vehicles.

Zach Dotsey