Busy finishing and starting new projects.

Milly peed during naptime, woke up crying and said she was scared.  Wondered if she had a bad dream.  Finished her nap in our bed- first time she’s slept there.

Amanda said Callie told Milly there were monsters in her room today, probably not helpful.

We had to scramble to find a babysitter for Milly tonight and got the Sawyers (from small group, not my sister’s family, who lives four hours away) to do it.  Sounded like Milly and Isaac had a good time together.  Played outside, drank chocolate milk, had a bath.

The reason for we needed a sitter was for the leaders meeting tonight.  New direction for the church this summer with an emphasis on inviting new people out to things, having fun and being natural in the summer.  Poses an interesting challenge: finding people, coming up with things to do, making sure attendance stays consistent.

Zach Dotsey