Woke up around 9:00, Milly woke a little after that.

We went to Mayfaire to get some Mother’s Day presents.  There were some kids there who were drawing on the sidewalks.  Four pictures.  Not sure of the purpose but it seemed to be some sort of contest for school.

Went to Ayden Hauenstein’s second birthday party, great time catching up with Justin and Lisa, and Ayden is such a cute kid.  Milly spent almost the entire time in one little pool or another.  We saw Melissa and Ella Jane Clark too, which was great.  They moved to Hillsboro a while back and we tried to get together with them when we went to my parents’ house a few weeks ago, but it didn’t happen.  Elliot couldn’t make it, but it was nice to see them.

Milly and I both took naps.  Nick and kids came over for dinner.  It was Nick’s birthday and he had them pretty much all day because Amy was filming a wedding out of state.  Amanda used her new pan with twelve individual spots for things like brownies.  She made those and some little pizza squares, which were a hit.

Nick hung out and we all chatted for a while.  The kids stayed over since Amy won’t be back until around midday tomorrow and Nick works early in the morning.  Kids went down after Milly and Eli had a bath.  We experimented with putting Eli in the cardboard house to sleep, but he decided he wanted to sleep downstairs instead.  Two strikes for Milly with kids sleeping over.  Poor thing will get a complex.

Zach Dotsey