Church, Atlanta Bread, but no Barnes & Noble.  Went home so Milly could go ahead and take a nap, plans with Frazelles.

Watched two Soups then took a nap myself.

Met Frazelles at Lewis Farm. Girls and Anna picked strawberries and blueberries. Barry and I went to Holden Beach, expecting good waves. Drove about an hour, nothing there so we turned right back around. Enjoyed talking with him the whole time though.

Wrightsville had some waves, but wind was on it so we didn’t bother. Milly, B and I went to the “little beach” (a small section on the Intracoastal Waterway side of Wrightsville Beach). Milly waded in shallow water and tripped, do I ended up taking her pants off like she originally wanted anyway. She and Barry spent most of the time waliking backs and forth along the small stretch and looking at/for crabs.

Christian’s dad Randy and fam were there. Talked for a while.

Had sandwiches and chips for dinner. Milly pooped on bathroom floor. Just holds it so daggone long.

Home, Milly to bed. Her nose has been running all day, coughing a little.

Zach Dotsey