We watched two things we’ve been meaning to watch on Netflix tonight: Portlandia and Winter’s Bone.  Both were good, as we’ve been told.  Winter’s Bone was particularly good, but man there wasn’t a single happy scene in that entire movie.

Milly terrible before nap- Amanda spanked, but it didn’t do anything.  Probably too cushioned with a pullup on.  Justin Bieber was singing on Ellen downstairs when Milly was calming down, so I whispered to Amanda that he was the reason.  Amanda started dancing behind Milly’s back and I had to quietly go into the bathroom to try to stop myself from laughing.

Amanda and Milly worked on creating masks for the party to give out with the birthday party invitations, which we then spent most of the rest of the day driving around and handing out.  A lot of people were out, but we did make a couple stops and hung out with the Nowaks for a few minutes.

After all that we went to Islands for dollar tacos.  Milly actually ate her taco, which may or may not have been because we told her we’d take her to The Fuzzy Peach afterwards.  She did say she liked the taco though, for what it’s worth.

Amanda talked to Jessica Lambeth for a bit on the phone.

Zach Dotsey