Amanda and Milly spent the morning writing out a list of people to invite for Milly’s birthday party next month.  Well, Amanda was writing.  When I came in to see what they were up to, I found Milly drawing, and when I asked her what she was drawing, this was the response.

They also started working on masks to hand out with the invitations.  Amanda was originally going to make crowns, but Milly said something about masks, so Amanda flew with it.

She spent a good bit of time designing and printing the invitations too, though we had a setback when we discovered that our Canon printer doesn’t work with the Mac and crashed Photoshop.  Amanda hadn’t saved the file, so she had to recreate it on the laptop.  That was her first experience really using this iMac.

Milly was pretty hyper tonight.  She also found the little camera, which we let her play with. I showed her how to properly hold it so that her fingers wouldn’t be in the pictures and showed her a little bit about composing an image.  She actually listened, too.

As I was lying in bed with Milly, as Amanda or I (it’s usually me) do every night, she started singing a song.  It was mostly just her saying words, but she did include a rhyme and incorporated a mention of me smiling, which listening to her made me do.

Amanda found a flea on Harvey earlier today, so we decided to give him a bath tonight.  I swear, that dog is so afraid of bath time it’s ridiculous.  I have to pick his 60-pound rear end up and carry him into the bathroom every time, and he gets so fearful he empties his anal glands, which causes a disgusting smell.  Really, it’s gross.

We did get him all cleaned up, but he acted so traumatized afterwards that you’d have thought we beat him and refused to feed him or something.

Zach Dotsey