Community is such a great show.  It’s constantly doing things other shows wouldn’t dream of doing, and it pulls them off.  Two paintball episodes, a zombie episode, Law & Order, a Civil War documentary, a Claymation Christmas Special and now an episode inside an 8-bit sidescrolling video game.  What will they do next?  Well, apparently they’ll try to survive being moved to Friday nights next season.  Seriously, NBC?

Amanda likes Community too, but she just admitted to me a bit ago that she wasn’t feeling tonight’s episode and she didn’t like the Claymation one either.  Bah!

There wasn’t too much to the rest of the day.  I’ve got a project I’m almost done with, but I have to wait until I get some things from the client to finish it up.  Once that’s done though, it shouldn’t take me long to finish it up.  Since I didn’t have a whole lot to do I followed up on old sales leads and created a few new ones.  We’ll see how it goes, but reaching out to people about their websites doesn’t always produce much fruit.  It seems the most solid leads are referrals or people contacting you because they’ve seen some of your work.

Amanda and Milly went to Mayfaire for a bit today.  Amanda said she was entertaining people at Bevello by saying things like how she wanted to put on a bracelet and be a lady or some such.

I didn’t hear if she went to Fedora, but I did mean to mention that the manager called her back yesterday.  Funny thing was that she didn’t call back because Amanda had called them- she called back to check about Amanda picking up the dress, so Amanda explained to her what the deal was.  Apparently that’s not the first time people have had an issue with the way the owner has handled something.

Milly didn’t watch a minute of TV this morning.  She spent the entire morning playing games, mostly Sims, on the iPad.  She really likes changing the outfits on Horse Skirt.  That’s the name of the Sim on the iPad.  The one on the iPod is Cinderella Rocket, though that’s the one Milly remembers so that’s what she calls the game.

Zach Dotsey