Milly Bridge

I walked into the living room today and heard Milly say, “I’m pretending to be a bridge.”  I looked up, and sure enough, there she was, pretending to be a bridge.  Where does she come up with stuff like that?

As fun as that was, Milly didn’t have the best night last night.  She woke up three times last night.  One was for a very large and solid poop, another was because she wanted her blanket, which was by the door.  She wanted her sleeping bag too.  The Lambeths gave it to her last time they visited, but she never really took to it much.  She used it as a blanket last night, though tonight when she went to bed she finally said she wanted to put her legs in it.  We’ll see if it’s still on in the morning.  I digress.  I can’t remember what the third time was for.

I was reflecting today, and I reflected on the fact that I like working for myself so far.  I worked out an amount to pay myself on a weekly basis a while back, though I haven’t really stuck to it for fear of not having enough, which hasn’t been the case so far.  I’m leaving plenty in the checking account for when tax time rolls around though.  Not really looking forward to that at all.  But it’s fun.  I’m doing things at a good clip and keeping busy enough.  It’s nice to see that I’m actually making money, you know.  I think I mentioned this recently (maybe even yesterday?), but I really want to focus on doing more social networking and search engine optimization.  I enjoy the strategy.

Amanda used her special new pan to make more mini pizzas for lunch today, then she made brownies for small group.  The brownies in that thing are awesome because they’re all edge pieces.

Small group was at our house tonight.  It’s usually at the Johnsons’, but they’re gone for the next few weeks so I think we’re going to rotate.  Milly kept everyone entertained until she went to bed.  She went to the corner for two minutes though because she kept fidgeting and goofing off when I was trying to put a pull-up on her and she completely ignored all my requests for her to settle down and put it on. She went to bed easily enough, although she cried a minute after I left her because Carle fell eight inches to the ground from her bed.  (Carle is a stuffed caterpillar from The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.)

Anyway, small group went fine.  Aside from the Johnsons not being there, we were missing the male halves of the Andrews and Stufflebeam sets.

After everyone left Amanda and I watched Once Upon a Time.  It was the season finale wherein the chick from House finally realized the truth of the situation and other shenanigans ensued.  I just looked it up and it appears that there will be a second season.  It’s apparently the most-watched show on Sunday nights.

Happy birthday to Brynn Mason, by the way!  Amanda watched her and Callie today.  I didn’t see much of them, but I did make sure to go say hi to them.  It’s cool to see how much Brynn has developed in the time that Amanda’s been babysitting her and Callie.  She can talk a little bit, or at least make sounds that let you know she’s trying to say things like “bye” and “dog”.  We also have this game we play where I’ll make a first and she’ll tap it for me to open it then tap it again to close it.  Apparently it’s pretty entertaining.  Anyway, happy first birthday, Brynndolyn!  (That’s not her name- I just call her that.)

Zach Dotsey