Amanda has finally ordered a bridesmaid dress for Hannah’s wedding.  I feel like I’ve heard about nothing but over the past week or so, so huzzah!  The dress shown, by the way, is not the dress she ordered, but rather one she bought today then asked Hannah if it would work.  Amanda thought it might be too dark, and it is, which is what lead Amanda to making a decision on the dress to buy for the wedding.

Milly woke up around 7:00 this morning while Amanda was in the shower.  She was banging loudly on the door, so I went ahead and l got her and put her in bed with me.  I overslept a bit, getting up around 9 (instead of around 8 or 8:30 like I usually do), so even though she did kick me  a few times and told me to get under my pillow (I usually sleep with a pillow over my head) and told me my hair was a mess, she was pretty good.

I kept pretty busy today, but honestly I felt like I had a hard time really focusing.  Not sure why.  I had a lunch meeting with my buddy Mike Boscaljon, who is wanting to do some things with his website.  After I got back Amanda and Milly went to Mayfaire (see previous post), leaving me alone to try to ficus on work.

I did talk to Jason for a bit, as he called me today.  He got rear-ended in his car recently and his back is killing him, but we didn’t talk much about that.  We mainly talked about The Avengers and Game of Thrones and other such things.  I actually had a bit of a long text discussion with Michael Mercer about Game of Thrones today too.  I suggested he check out Rome too.  Despite how it may sound, these were not the things that kept me feeling distracted; I just felt distracted.

That said, I did get a fair bit of work done.  I’ve also decided I want to do more social networking and search engine optimization work.  I need to make that a focus.

Milly was pretty fun today, as she usually is.  She kept wanting me to drag her across the floor then fling her like a swing in my arms and toss her down on the papasan this evening as I was finishing up some work for the day.  Amanda downloaded a Sims app and let Milly play with that.  I helped her create a character by letting her pick the hair style and clothes.  I asked Milly what she wanted to name the girl, and she told me Cinderella.  I asked what her last name should be and she had to think about that one.  Toy Story was on and it was near the end, at the part where Buzz is strapped to a rocket and flying (falling with style) through the air with Woody, so Milly picked her sim’s last name to be Rocket.  Cinderella Rocket.

She napped in her own room today, by the way.  Just thought I’d throw that in there.  She didn’t even say anything or make any moves towards sleeping in our room.

After Milly went to bed we watched the season finales of How I Met Your Mother and Fringe.  On HIMYM Barney proposed to the stripper chick, Marshall and Lily had their baby and Ted ruined the wedding of that one chick he used to date, then it flashed forward a bit and revealed that Barney was marrying Robin, which wasn’t a huge shock.

On Fringe, it was revealed that William Bell was going to collapse both worlds in order to start his own new one, and it was all being powered by Olivia, so Walter shot her in the head.  Fortunately they were able to revive her because the drug that gave her all these cool powers also heals brain matter.  The chick who died on Lost was also brought back to life and did a lot of winking and freaky eye movement.  They were also big on sticking long things into people’s heads in this episode.

I decided to listen to a list of the most popular songs on Spotify today and took a good listen to We are Young by Fun.  I hadn’t heard the whole song much before, but I remember thinking the first time I heard it that the singer sounded so stinking much like the lead singer of The Format, so I looked it up and I think Fun is basically half of The Format.  If you’ve heard the two it’s obvious.  I’m glad for them that they’re getting some exposure, because I’ve really dug Dog Problems, an album by The Format that Blake Konny turned me on to.

Oh, and Duke landed a commitment from Amile Jefferson today.  It came down to them and NC State, and the Wolfpack fans felt very good about their chances because they’d been on him for a really long time.  A number of them exhibited some extreme sour grapes on message boards and social media.  Amile Jefferson should be a good fit in Duke’s system, despite what some State fans might say.

Zach Dotsey