Amanda had a bad experience at Fedora, a boutique shop at Mayfaire.  Here it is in her own words from the review she left today on Google Places.

Last week, I was in Fedora at Mayfaire. There was a dress I liked, but they did not have my size. They offered to transfer the dress from their Raleigh location. I received a call today that the dress had arrived and I went to pick it up. The sales associate, who was very friendly, went to the back to get my dress. When she brought it out, she noticed the strap was broken. The owner, or a manager of some sort, happened to be there. The associate showed the manager and the manager took the dress to the back to “find another one.” When she came back, she walked right past me and laid they dress on the counter. The associate handed me the dress and I went to try it on. When I unfolded the dress I noticed beige stitching on the cream top, where the manager had apparently sown the strap back on without my knowledge. She was just going to let me buy it that way- lying to a customer by omission. I am disgusted by the lack of professionalism. I will never shop at this store again. The only reason I did buy something was because I had a gift certificate that I was not going to let them pocket the money off of.

Just thought I’d pass that along.

For what it’s worth, Amanda said that were the store not crowded and she didn’t have a two-year-old with her at the time, she would have said something to the lady about it while she was there.  She did call the store and asked to speak to the lady, but she’d stepped out.  Amanda related it all to the sales associate mentioned above, who said she’d tell the other lady to give her a call.  She never heard anything back before posting the review and writing a Facebook post as well.