We’ve had a long-standing issue where the valve for the water spigot out front is hard to turn off because the handle broke off and it requires a wrench to turn off, so the nub I need to turn to turn it off or on is a bit stripped.  It was leaking a while back, so I got a valve to hook onto that.  I discovered today that the valve is good enough that I can leave it on and the hose won’t drip.  I can’t describe how happy that discovery made me.

After a lot of busy-ness with sales lately, I’m now sitting back and waiting for things to start.  Good thing it wasn’t today though, because Milly hardly let me work this morning.

Amanda and Milly went to Richlands tonight, mainly because Sarah and Abigail Erreca are there visiting and Amanda wanted to see them.  She invited Monique, Rosa and Emil to come along.  Anyway, I was left all alone in the house tonight and pondered what to do on Facebook.  I was leaning towards getting a Dominoes pizza, drinking a beer and watching some Netflix.  David Andrews suggested playing Civ 5, so he came over and we played co-op hotseat. Good time.

Amanda told me that when Milly went to bed she started it out, “Dear God, dear Jesus, thank you for this day…”  She got that from me.

Zach Dotsey