I ran some errands this morning and almost bought a new office chair.  It was on sale for $80, but then you get $70 in gift certificates later in the mail.  I probably would have done it, but there was another chair that was $80 after the sale price and reward points that I liked a lot better.  I could have gotten it, but the ratty old chair I’ve got now is fine.  Plus it might be a while before I’d get around to spending $70 at Office Max or Office Depot, whichever one I was in.

Amanda told me that Milly woke up last night and Amanda let her sleep in the bed with her for a bit, but it didn’t work out well because Milly messed around and kicked too much.  She didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t have a nap today, so we had some fussiness this evening.

Amanda said that she went upstairs to get Milly and that she and Rosa had gotten into some makeup and were putting eye shadow on.  She said Milly actually had done a pretty good job and Rosa had matching streaks going down from the corner of her eyes.

Amanda and Milly got home in the late afternoon.  Milly spent a good bit of time playing with MS Paint on the old desktop.

Amanda and I started watching Modern Family tonight.  We’ve been meaning to get into the show for a while.  We really like it so far.

Zach Dotsey