Went for a morning jog with Milly.  Asked her tonight before bed if we were going to do it again tomorrow and she said yes.  Didn’t quite make two miles.  Jogging while pushing Milly in a stroller is a bit tougher than otherwise, plus it’s been a little while for me.  I broke up the jogging and the fast walking a bit more than usual (out of necessity more than anything else) and found that my knee didn’t hurt.

Amanda and I were talking in the office about something or other today when we heard a tinkling noise. We both paused and looked at each other then went to the bathroom to find that Milly had gone to the bathroom completely on her own!  We were very excited, but we had to calm down when she said we were making her ears hurt.  We  let her have two Lem-a-Lems.  (M&M’s.)

She’s been saying that about a lot of things lately.  Starting to wonder if she has super hearing or something.

Later we were all sitting in the living room when Milly told us she had to pee, so she went to do it again.  This time though she didn’t get her panties down quite enough and got them wet, but we were still very proud of her.  She told me she only wanted one Lem-a-Lem, which I thought was funny.  Both times I told her I’d have one too, for being so proud of her.

Milly’s been all about Where the Wild Things Are lately and recently started doing the speaking parts and singing a little song during the Wild Rumpus part, which I may have mentioned.  After reading it tonight though, we were saying our prayers.  Milly said she didn’t know how, so I prayed, and at the end I asked Milly if there was anything else.  She said the usual: stars, moon, that kind of thing.  Then I said something about Where the Wild Things Are and she said, “They roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws,” which Amanda and I thought was awesome, particularly because she’s learned little moves that go along with each thing.

Amanda asked her who she wanted to lie down with her, as one of us always does for two minutes, but she said nobody.  My guess was that she wanted to sneak into her little cardboard house to sleep tonight.  She was trying to get in there instead of her bed, but we told her to sleep in her bed.  We don’t have a problem with her sleeping in the house, but there’s no blanket or anything on it because she peed through her pullup a few days ago while sleeping in there and we haven’t put anything back in there, so she’d be sleeping on the cold, hard ground.  My guess was that she was going to sneak in there, and sure enough we heard her moving around a few minutes later.

After Amanda and I started on season two of Modern Family we heard some strange noise, so Amanda turned the monitor on and we heard her playing with Singing Bear, one of those bears you squeeze to make the mouth open, then it sings a tune or a song.  She was laughing at it and mimicking its sounds, and after she left it alone for a little bit it said, “Bye bye!” and Milly replied, “Bye bye, Singing Bear.”

I love my little girl so.  (And when I tell her that, she always says, “Much!”)

Zach Dotsey