I wanted to go for a job this morning just like I did yesterday.  I really did. But Day 2 of my renewed jogging campaign got derailed by the rain that fell from Tropical Depression (formerly Tropical Storm) Beryl.  It rained pretty hard off and on throughout the morning and into the afternoon some.  However, it did clear up nicely, so I decided to go do it a little after 4:00.  I asked Milly, whom I found sitting in the dark on the bathroom flor playing a game on the iPad, if she wanted to go with me, but she said, “No, dane dyu.”  She can say “thank you” better than that, but she always says it like that.  And so politely, too.

“No thank you” has become one of her favorite answers any time she wants to say no.  “Milly, let’s go pee pee.”  “No thank you.”  “Milly, clean up your toys.”  “No thank you.”  She’s also taken to saying “yup” and “nope”.  She usually says both of those pretty crisply, in an almost upbeat way.

The jog went pretty well.  I jogged the first mile and then some then started alternating jogging and walking fast.  I think I could have done a bit better, but my calves were getting tired.  I want to say it’s from pushing the stroller yesterday, and the fact that the wheels need to be inflated some.

Milly let me get a good bit done this morning, but we still had a few moments.  At one point she ran into the room naked (she decided she wanted to be naked this morning) and proclaimed, “I am protecting you!”  I never did quite get what from, but hearing that from an adorable naked two-year-old girl was just too much sweetness.

A little later I heard her telling me she was stuck.  I asked what she was stuck in, and expected her usual answer: the sticky stuff, but this time she said she was stuck in the pillows.  I walked out of the office and found the cushions from the back of the couch and most of the throw pillows all scattered in the hallway with her sitting somewhere in the pile, so I struggled mightily and pulled her free.  Then I was stuck, so she pulled me free.  This went back and forth a couple times.

Close to nap time, Milly went upstairs to her room and turned on Lady.  We both got on the floor and looked up at the stars and the moon, then Milly got her Tiana and Rapunzel dolls, who had a little chat then went down for their naps.  Milly decided to go into our room, turn on the TV and get in bed.  Little Einsteins was on, so I set the TV timer and told her she could watch it until it went off, then it was nap time, and if I heard her playing around after that that she’d have to go take a nap in her own room.  I eventually got her to repeat some of that back to me to make sure she understood.  I guess it worked because I didn’t hear anything from her after that.

Callie and Brynn came over.  Callie walked up to the door in a raincoat holding an umbrella and looked really cute.  Milly was super excited to see her.  I was busy in the back and didn’t really see them much, but I did hear the two older girls playing.

Amanda made enchiladas for dinner tonight, which Milly was excited to eat, even though I don’t think she’s been big on trying them out before.  She certainly liked them tonight though.

We had small group at the Hausers’ tonight and finished up our Starting Point study.  I think we could have gone on for hours more with it.  Jared shared his story tonight, and I was impressed with the amount of stuff he’s gone through while still being such an upbeat and funny guy.  David A spoke some things on his heart about being more of a family, reaching out and opening up.  Ashley prayed us out tonight, which I was impressed by.  When holding out my iPhone (where I took notes about prayer requests) to everybody, I pointed it at her and she took it, much to my surprise.

Zach Dotsey