First off, happy anniversary to my in-laws, Phil and Karen Mercer!

Went for my jog this afternoon because it was rainy this morning.  Went 2.25 miles before walking at all, which is a definite record, 2.49 total.  If I’d realized it was that close I’d have pushed a little more to get to 2.5.  I beat my average by about two minutes and had my fastest average mile.  When I got back I did 30 crunches but only 20 pushups- I was pretty beat.  Amanda said I looked “distraught.”

Milly was pretty good today, though she did have two incidents this evening.  She went to go pee by herself and Amanda found her in the tub with her panties on.  Later Amanda was in the guest room and Milly went in there then just peed out of nowhere.  At least the first was easy to clean.

Milly wanted to go for a walk this evening, so we did and we got as far as Maddox’s house.  Maddox is a boy down the street whose parents, Gavin and Kristen, we’ve talked to a few times.  Kristen actually called Amanda a few days ago to invite us to Maddox’s birthday party this weekend.  Anyway, Milly wanted to stop and play, so that’s as far as we walked.

When we put Milly to bed and were about to leave her room Milly said, “I love you, Daddy,” which was really sweet.  After we aww’ed over that Amanda asked if she loved her too, Milly said she didn’t, which of course hurt Amanda’s feelings.  I told Milly that it wasn’t nice and that she’d hurt Mommy’s feelings really bad.  Milly started to cry, but she wouldn’t change or apologize.

While Amanda and I were watching Modern Family tonight we heard a loud noise from upstairs.  Amanda went up to investigate and it turns out that Milly had moved her potty into the bed again.  Amanda picked up some larger pull-ups for Milly on the way home from work today, so we’re hoping that even if Milly doesn’t use the potty at night, at least the extra room will keep the bed dry.  We did have her practice pulling them up and down, and they do so a lot easier.  Of course, we were hoping we wouldn’t need them at all at this point.

Amanda got a phone call today that might improve her overall life satisfaction and happiness quotient, but I can’t really go into it.  And no, she’s not pregnant.

On a lower note, her knees still hurt from the spill she took at Cracker Barrel last week.

Zach Dotsey