Milly’s show lately has been Bo on the Go.  Before she remembered the name of it she called it “the one with the blue hair and pigtails” or something like that.  It’s not a very good show, but it does put an emphasis on moving around and being active, which Milly has started catching onto.  She’ll make me or Amanda do the actions with her, which is fine except when I’m trying to do some work.

I was going to take Milly for a walk this morning because we needed some things from the store, but we got no further than the first road past our house when I started feeling raindrops.  I figured that would be enough exercise for the day after going two days pretty hard, but I didn’t even get that in.  Despite that, I think I might try to stick to a two days on, one day off kind of thing.  My legs weren’t hurting today, but they were a little bit sore.

Amanda said something to me about running a 5K, so after some Facebook consultation with Joel Kay I think I’m going to try to run one in a few weeks.  I mean, five kilometers is just over three miles, and I’m already going 2.5 without any real set goals.  I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem doing it.  I’ve got a bit of time before I need to register for the one I’m looking at, so we’ll see how I progress.

I did a lot of work on one website today and am almost done with it.  I’ve got two proposals to work out as early as I can for tomorrow.  Things could be worse.

I asked Milly if she wanted to tell her mommy anything when she got home, and she said she would say, “Welcome home, Mommy!”  Which she did.

Milly was very energetic this afternoon.  Kirsten said she had fun watching her while we were at small group (as always!).  She said Milly talked about having a birthday soon quite a bit and that she sang Happy Birthday for about 20 minutes before reading Where the Wild Things Are, which Milly recited along with her for the most part.

Small group was at the Sawyers’ for the first time.  We didn’t have any particular study, but we did get to hear Ashley’s and David A’s stories.  After that we discussed what activities to do for the summer.

Zach Dotsey