For the record, I said it was probably not the best idea.

After Amanda and I watched a few episodes of Modern Family, Amanda went upstairs to get ready for bed and heard Milly knock on the door.  She’d pooped, which I’m guessing is what woke her up, but she said she wanted to sleep in our bed.  I said it would set a bad precedent and Amanda said that when Milly had wanted to sleep with her when they went to Richlands a few weeks ago, she hadn’t stayed in the bed for long.  So right now, a few feet above my very head, Milly and Amanda are in our bed, ostensibly sleeping.

I was going to go for a jog first thing today, but after I put on my jogging clothes and was getting ready, I just didn’t feel right.  My stomach was bothering me, so I decided to wait.  I did go in the mid-afternoon though.  I switched up my route, hitting all the cul-de-sacs going up the road and again coming back, whereas I usually only take them on the way back.  I pushed myself to jog the whole time too- no walking breaks.  I checked my distance as I was rounding the end of the street towards the end of the run and I was almost at three miles, and 3.1 miles is five kilometers.  I went to 3.1, which ended up being just past our house, so it works out great.

In the aftermath, my calves were pretty sore and my right achilles was bugging me a little, but I did push myself a bit more than I have both in distance and the amount of jogging.  Tomorrow will be a rest day anyway.

Amanda and Milly went to Learning Express this morning and Amanda bought a few presents for Milly’s birthday, without her knowing, of course.  Amanda said that Milly was playing with a scooter and doing really well with it, so we got that for her as her big present that we’ll give her on her actual birthday.

Wow, I can’t believe she’ll be three next week.

After Milly’s nap and my jog we walked up the street to Maddox’s birthday party.  There was a big inflatable bouncy house with a water slide, but Milly wouldn’t stand up in the bouncy part, much less climb up for the slide.  She did have a great time sliding into a wading pool though.  She also played with Maddox’s play set.  It had a bunch of handles that Milly was able to pull herself up on and swing with.  I was pretty impressed with her ability to do that.

We had a good time at the party.  It was mostly Maddox’s relatives and a few neighbors that we kind of knew already, but didn’t know that well.  I felt like Kristen and Gavin, Maddox’s parents, did a good job of making us feel included, since we didn’t really know anyone there and we hardly even know them.  I really enjoyed talking to everyone, and the burgers, hot dogs and cake were all delicious.

Maddox really liked his present from Milly.  He’s really into Spider-Man, so we got him a set with a little Spider-Man, the Green Goblin and Doc Ock.

Zach Dotsey