Amanda and I made Milly about $3000 in her Sims game.  She was playing it this morning while sitting in the papasan in the office.  I practically turned around and she was down to $20.  This time she didn’t spend it on a whole bunch of extra toilets, but lighting.  This evening she decided she wanted to “buy away” (that would be “sell”) a bunch of stuff, so she got rid of literally everything on one Sim’s house, including the door, leaving one trapped inside without enough money to even buy a doorframe to let her get out to go home.

I went with Michael to go see Prometheus this afternoon/evening.  I’m not a diehard Alien fan (I mean, I’ve seen the movies), so I didn’t have the connection with it that some people might, but it was a great looking film and some pretty good parts.  There was one scene where, when it was done, I leaned over to Michael and said, “And that’s how Milly was born.”  I wasn’t blown away by it, but I enjoyed it.

Amanda said that she had a hard time eating dinner tonight because Milly wanted to get up and poop every thirty seconds or so (with no results for a while).  Milly was a bit moody for part of the evening, but she was also very playful at times.

Amanda and I finished the evening watching Modern Family.  We’re almost done with the series, which is a bit sad.  We’ve watched all three seasons back to back, so I almost feel like they’re part of my family.

I didn’t jog today.  It rained or drizzled literally all day (though possibly not when I was in the theater).  I feel bad about it, so hopefully I’ll get a chance tomorrow.  Wednesdays are usually a bit tougher since we have small group in the evening.  I did mention something to Erin about doing a 5K with me though.  She’s helping Andra with a yard sales the day I’m planning on doing it, but she found another one here in Wilmington next month, so we’re going to try to aim for that.

Zach Dotsey