Can’t believe I have a three-year-old now.  More than half way to school age.  Wow.

Took Milly to the store and bought a doughnut and a birthday balloon.

Amanda got home and was bummed about an email she received.

Worked on the mower, trying to get pull cord mechanism back together.  Stopped when I felt raindrops.

Worked some then Milly got up up.  Gave her the skirt that Amanda made for her and a scooter.  Spent the next little while outside wearing one and zipping around on the other.

Worked some more while Milly and Amanda went to party store.

Cleaned up a bit.  Parents got here a little after 6. Milly was extremely excited to see them, jabbered nearly incessantly.  We all went to Islands for dinner (Milly chose tacos over chicken nuggets) and Fuzzy Peach for dessert.  Went to Brilliant Sky so my parents could pick out presents for Milly, which were wrapped up.  They got her a hovering soccer ball thing, almost like an air hockey puck but it generates the air itself.  It was the last one in the store, and only there because it was in her box.  Also got her a stringed musical instrument, kind of like a harp.

Milly was in bed at some point before 9.

We got news that Emma (my sister Andra’s mini dachshund) was having seizures.

Mom worked some. Dad watched Modern Family with me and Amanda.

Mom and I talked work.  I spent probably half an hour with her explaining what she does and I still have no idea.  All I know is that the telecommunications business is a lot more complex than I ever thought about.

Zach Dotsey