Thought Milly would sleep in some from being up a little later than usual. Nope. Up at 6:45, in bed with me and Amanda.  Fidgeted and talked, so we never got much, if any, more sleep.

Busy day:
-Walked to store with Dad and Milly for eggs, butter for waffles. Also got a doughnut. Dad picked up some cream horns, which Milly called “new rolls.” She never did get one, though there are two left.
-Worked on mower with Dad. Couldn’t get the thing to wind.
-Server temporarily down caused work stress. Came from propagation from a server upgrade from yesterday.
-Went to Sears with Dad to see about replacing top of mower. Didn’t sell that part. Decided to get a new mower.
-Went to check out mowers at Costco then bought one at Lowe’s. Also got paint and bug spray.
-Got home and put mower together. Had trouble with pull string. Found out it was catching on the handles, which were through-the-bottom-of-the-mower-low. Started with one pull and worked great though. Early Father’s Day present- huzzah.
-Dad painted wood of porch. Amanda and I later wiped off railings. Looks so much better now.
-Amanda decorated inside, made masks for Milly’s Disney princess dolls and put them on the table. Also went to Costco.
-Milly opened her Mum Mum and Pap presents after a Mum Mum work break.
-Adam arrived while I was finishing cleaning the rails.
-Amanda went to Radiant with Cyra. The rest of us went to The Oceanic for dinner. Adam treated. Stopped by Mayfaire after so Adam could get Milly a present. Dad decided to get ice cream so we went to Coldstone. Adam gave her his present when he rejoined us.
-Home, Amanda got home just as Milly was getting in bed, just before 9:00.
-Parents in bed around 10. Introduced Adam to Modern Family. Better intro than the episodes Mom and Dad got to see.

Zach Dotsey