Spent the morning finishing getting ready and setting things up in and around the house.

A while back I tossed something over the fence by the driveway and it broke the top of the fence in that spot.  Dad switched it out with another one from the corner hidden away behind the trees.  Great idea, I never thought of that.  Looks so much better now.

There were a lot of people for Milly’s party.  So many that I think it would be unfair for me to try to name them all because I’m sure I’d leave someone out.  Pretty much everyone who was invited came though.  We served Costco pizzas cut into squares and cupcakes.

Everybody trickled out.  Milly played with her toys and took a late nap.  Family was last to leave  We picked up, Erin and Adam and eventually I took a nap.  Poor Amanda can’t nap, so she didn’t.

Erin had the idea of having beer chicken and Amanda had recently gotten a thing to cook it in, so we did that for dinner.

Milly started watching Lady and the Tramp, but didn’t finish and went to take a bath with her Princess in the Tub.  It’s this thing she’s wanted and talked about every time we go to Brilliant Sky.  It’s just a wand, a foam crown and a mirror that she can play with in the bathtub.  Frazelles got it for her.  I guess it was everything she hoped it would be.

She played with Adam in her room until bedtime.  After that we played Imaginiff and Monopoly Deal.  I won the first game then Amanda won a Monopoly Deal then Adam did.

Had a very long but very fun day.

Zach Dotsey