Church, Milly wanted to play with toys. Somehow ended up at church earlier than usual.  Rosa was in Milly’s room.

Hausers came over afterwards, had waffle breakfast with us, Erin and Adam.

While playing upstairs, Emil had knocked into Harvey’s food bowl.  The next time I went upstairs she asked what was that sound and said something about Harvey’s bowl.  Blown away by the things she knows.  Hausers hung out just a little bit.  Took Reece’s truck with bed in it.  Amanda’s parents had brought them a bed they wanted from Family Ministries and they needed to somehow get it home.

Adam then Erin left.  Milly and I took naps, Amanda went out to get Father’s Day things.  Got me a shirt and some double chocolate drink from Starbuck’s.

Michael came over, we all went to Beulaville for supper.  Mercers and Frazelles were there.  Ate, hung out.  Barry played piano while Milly danced.

Milly stayed there to go spend the night with Nana and PawPaw.  Been an exciting week for her.

Finished Modern Family.  Sad to be caught up.

Watched NBA Finals Game 3, Heat vs. Thunder.  Decided to pull for Heat even though lots of people don’t like Lebron James.  Pulling for Shane Battier as a former Duke player.

Zach Dotsey