Did my 5K first thing this morning.  Calves were very stiff- jogged first mile and alternated after that.  Not sure if it’s because I didn’t do it the past few days or if I just need to stretch more.  It wasn’t my best run, but it was a beautiful day out.

Karen brought Milly home right in the middle of a conference call.  I put them on hold because Milly was ringing the doorbell the way she always does.  Felt bad that I couldn’t give her more attention for her just getting home, but I did hug her and tell her I missed her then played with her for a few minutes when I got off.  Karen said she was in bed around 9:45 last night and up at 7 this morning.  She napped from about 2 to 5.

Got a pretty bad headache this afternoon.  Had a hard time looking at anything real bright.  Wanted to keep my eyes shut, but I wasn’t tired.  Even aside from that I don’t feel like I was as productive as I could have been today.  It kept me pretty subdued for most of the night.

We started watching Lady and the Tramp on Saturday, but didn’t finish because Milly wanted to play with Adam.  She, Amanda and I watched it together tonight.  There was a lot of that movie that I didn’t remember.  The part with the Siamese cats was what always stood out most to me, but it wasn’t really that big a part of the movie.  It was important, yes, but it didn’t take up that much time.  And it might have been a little bit racist, but I guess not by 1955 standards.

After Milly went to bed we watched a couple episodes of Law & Order SVU.

Zach Dotsey