I added a new Sim to the game that has mostly been played by Milly today while she was taking a nap.  We spent some time blowing bubbles and riding on her scooter out front this morning (well, she rode it; I’m too big for it), so I named it Scooter Bubbles.  She deleted it, I think on accident, so Amanda added a new one later, and since she was up we let her name it.  I love it when she names things.  This one’s name ended up being Scissors Hello.  Is that not an awesome name?

I stayed pretty busy throughout the day, putting in some near finishing touches on one project so I can try to finish another tomorrow then discussing my next big one with someone else.

Milly came into my office this evening wearing one of her new dresses.  She calls it the green and black one, but it’s really just green and darker green.  Anyway, she wanted to look at the iTunes music visualizer.  She learned a week or so ago how to make it skip to new songs and enjoys watching it.  When it would get to a song that she likes she’d get down from my lap and go dance.  She’s added some new moves to her repertoire recently.

I went for my jog at a little after 6:00 and managed to jog the full 5K, walked for a cool down after that.  Amanda and Milly went for a short walk too, and every time I saw them I’d jog backwards and wave at Milly, who told me she was coming to catch me.  (She never did.)

Amanda and I watched the season premiere episodes of Falling Skies.  I enjoyed it well enough.  I also had a conference call with my siblings this evening to discuss business propositions.

After Amanda went to bed I watched the last quarter of the NBA Finals.  I might have mentioned this, but I’m going for the Miami Heat because Shane Battier is on that team.  I don’t really care that most of America hates them because they’ve got Lebron James.  Anyway, it was a close game down the stretch with Miami leading most of the way, though Oklahoma City did briefly take the lead in the final minutes.  The Heat ended up winning and lead the series 3-1 now.

I was having a text conversation with Michael about the game.  He’s going for the Thunder.  It seems we can never see eye-to-eye when pulling for sports teams.

Zach Dotsey