First off, happy 34th birthday to my good buddy Jason.  I forgot to call him today, but we texted a bit tonight.

As she’s been doing lately, Milly got up a bit early and got in bed with me.  She ate dry cereal and watched PBS Kids while I attempted to sleep.  That worked better today then it does some days.

Milly decided she wanted to spend the day in the buff, so, since we weren’t going anywhere, Amanda and I let her until the evening, when our small group was coming over.

She didn’t nap much, if at all, today, and we could tell that later in the afternoon when she was very needy and whiny.  It was cute when Amanda brought her downstairs though.  Amanda asked if she napped at all and Milly said, “NOOOooo.  I was moving stuff into my house.”  Or something like that.  The way she said her “no” was so funny though; she said it kind of loud and high pitched tapering off at the end, almost like she was being sarcastic or incredulous.

Milly saw a dead bug in the office today.  I was in the middle of some very intensive work that I needed to concentrate on, so I told her I’d get it later.  I can’t remember if she said she’d get it or if Amanda suggested that she do it, but Milly ended up sweeping it into a dust pan and tossing it in the toilet.  That, I thought to myself, is something to encourage and foster: a girl not afraid to toss out a dead bug.  She also put a couple of beetles in her bug cage thing today.  Girl’s not afraid of bugs.

While working I heard a big crash.  Amanda and I ran to the living room and found almost everything from the top of the coat rack on the floor and Milly crying.  Something, we don’t know what, but something had fallen and hit her on the head.  Could have been the seashell that broke, could have been an old camera, could have been a wooden African statue.  That broke, but I was able to use some wood glue to re-affix the guy’s arm and beard, and I think that will hold.  I don’t know if the cameras are alright or not, but one of them fell on this stringed musical instrument thing my parents got Milly for her birthday and went through the box, broke a string and left a dent in the backboard.  We’re very glad that wasn’t what hit her, as it did that much damage to a piece of wood.

She was fine after a minute, so I think she was just scared more than anything else.

Speaking of the work I mentioned above, Amanda helped me with it some.  Or tried to at least.  Between needing to concentrate, sitting in an uncomfortable chair and Milly being needy, she didn’t do a whole lot before I told her it was okay and she could go, but she did do some and it helped.

I jogged this afternoon, jogging the first two miles and a little change then alternating jogging and walking then finishing up with a nice run for the final tenth of a mile of my 5K.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to push myself the whole way, but I still felt pretty good about it overall.  I do think my stomach has gotten a bit smaller.  It’s still got a way to go before I’ll be happy with it, but there has been, I think, some improvement.

While I was out Amanda was cleaning the house and even steamed the hardwood floors, or whatever it is she does that makes them wet and shiny.

We had a game night for small group.  Amanda made puppy chow and Jamie brought this awesome cheesy bean dip that practically evaporated, it went so fast.  We played Imaginiff and David Sawyer won.

Amanda and I watched last week’s Soup after everyone left.

Zach Dotsey