Reece, Stephanie, Jacob and Emma Love returned to town yesterday.  We drove Reece’s truck, which we had while they were gone, over to their house then all drove over to Islands for dollar tacos and met Jamie, Noah and Aaron there.  Jacob’s hair has gotten longer and a bit shaggy, which is a like Amanda and I both like.  Emma Love has gotten so much bigger.  I was holding her and playing with her but Milly got jealous.

After we ate we all went to Wrightsville Beach Park, where they had live music.  We sat in the shade and there was a nice breeze, so it was really nice being out there.  The kids all played by a baseball field and the rest of us just hung out.  Reece wasn’t feeling the best.

We ran into a bunch of people.  One of my clients saw me at Islands and came up to have a good word.  At the park we saw Kyle, Lorin and Laela van Zandt, whom we used to hang out with regularly but fell out of touch with a few years ago.  I think it was the first time I met Laela, and she was a delight.  They’re moving to California next week.  A little while later we saw Carmin Black, who apparently knows the van Zandts and joined them.  Then on the way to the playground I saw another client and talked to him for a minute.  Right before we left we saw Brent and Diane Powers and I invited Brent to a paintball thing some other guys and I will be doing at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Milly really impressed me on the playground. There are some bars she climbed up that curve around until they become horizontal, which was where she froze.  But she did climb up some other parts and stepped over some gaps that I thought took a good bit of courage on her part.

We didn’t get Milly in bed until about 8:45.  Maybe she’ll sleep in a little tomorrow.  She’s been up at 7:00 every day this week I think.

Backing up, Amanda took Milly out to do some errands with her.  They went to Toys R Us so Milly could use a gift card Bonnie gave her for her birthday and she picked out a microphone, which she played with pretty much the rest of the day.

In the meantime I got caught up on some sales stuff, one lead in particular.  It’s a project I’m very, very excited about.  I’ve got a couple other projects to follow up on tomorrow.

I didn’t run today.  I felt like it needed to be a day to lay off.  I’m also thinking I won’t run in the 5K that I was thinking about running in this weekend.  I mean, is there really much of a point in paying money to do something I’m doing almost every day around my neighborhood for free anyway?  The idea of it has definitely had some value though.  That’s why I started running 3.11 miles in the first place.  Anyway, I took  today as my day of rest, and I think my body will thank me for it.

I watched the NBA Playoffs tonight.  The Heat pretty much owned the Thunder tonight in what turned out to be the final game of the Finals.  The main reason I was going for them, as I’ve mentioned every time I’ve mentioned watching it, is for Shane Battier, so I’m glad he got his NBA ring.  There aren’t all that many players who can claim both NCAA and NBA championships.

Zach Dotsey