Amanda took Milly to see Dr. Hill for her three-year-old checkup.  Everything was fine.  I think Amanda said she’s in the 50-something percentile for weight and has dropped under the 50th percentile for height.  Oh well, we knew the above-the-fold height wouldn’t last long for her.

After that they went to Costco to get a few things.  Amanda was thoughtful enough to pick up another pack of Chobani yogurt for me.  She realized it was actually on sale after she got home.

Amanda also made huge strides with taking care of laundry and cleaning up the closet today.  The floor, which was mostly covered in clean clothes that just hadn’t been put away, is now almost totally clear and several other piles of clean clothes that were situated throughout our bedroom have also disappeared.

For my part, I mostly stayed busy on following up with sales leads today.  No big news or anything, although I did get a signed agreement form from someone I’ve been talking to.  That was sort of an in-progress sale though.

We were going to have Kristen, Gavin and Maddox over for dinner tonight, but they had something come up with a vehicle they’re buying and ended up being away for the evening.  Gavin and Kristen were, anyway.  We took a short walk this evening with Milly going on her scooter, and on the way back we saw Maddox outside playing with his uncle.  They were both very excited to see each other.  We stopped there and talked with his uncle for a bit while the kids played.

Instead of that dinner though, we ended up going to Cracker Barrel with Karen, who was in town.  She called and originally said something about going to Brrberry or The Fuzzy Peach, but then she realized it was just about dinnertime, so we all had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Legs were still feeling a bit tired today so I figured an additional day of rest might be warranted.  No jogging as a result.

Milly was put to bed shortly after out little walk (sorry for the chrono-jumping).  She’s gotten to where she isn’t the best at listening to us at times, and we told her if she didn’t settle down we would leave without our normal nighttime rituals.  She didn’t settle down, so we left.  It probably hurt us (speaking for myself anyway) more than it did her.

Zach Dotsey