Up around 8:30. Milly mentioned pancakes so Amanda made some.

Played with Milly and her Groovy Girls dolls for a bit.

Amanda gave me a haircut after Milly went down for her nap.

A bit of Assassin’s Creed. Amanda finishes up clothes.

Went for run around 3:30. Legs and ankles still tight after two days, but wanted to do it anyway. 91 degrees outside. Jogged faster pace but ended up walking more than jogging.

Gavin, Kristen and Maddox came over for a bit.

Amanda left with Cyra around 6 to see Teenage Dream, a Katy Perry cover band put together by David Pray.  Sounded like they had a good time.  Took Cyra’s nephew, a big Katy Perry fan.

Milly wanted pizza so we went to get Little Caesar’s. She was in Rapunzel dress, necklace and tiara and got lots of attention while we waited.

Listened to Let it Be on way home. Ate pizza and listened to White Album and played with puzzles before a bath.

Milly was unruly while I was reading Horton so I left. Milly cried because she couldn’t see so I went back in and found Lady for her and gave her a kiss.

Played Civ V over Internet with David A.

Zach Dotsey