Church, Atlanta Bread, Barnes & Noble for a few minutes.

Milly napped, Amanda and I finished the season of Law & Order SVU.  Couldn’t believe they left it where they did.  Talk about a cliffhanger!  We actually checked to make sure we weren’t missing an episode.

Took a nap after that, figured it would only be a few minutes before Milly was up.  I think I got about 45 minutes or so though, so that was nice.

Went to the beach.  Barry and I took Milly out in the water and she loved it.  Didn’t like getting water splashed in her eyes much, but she got over it quick.  Started trying to get her to learn the basics of swimming.  I happened to find a kid’s diving mask.  Didn’t see any small kids around, so it’s Milly’s now.  She loves the thing.  Kept putting her face near the water but never went in, though she told me she looked underwater and saw some fish.

Came back to shore and played with Milly in the sand.  Thought Anna and Amanda had gone for a walk, but it turned out they’d gone on inside.

Barry and I went back out and surfed.  It was smallish, but we caught a bit.  I think we missed the best sets though.

Hung out, ate dinner.  Got Milly in bed a little late, but she seemed worn out.

Zach Dotsey