Relatively normal Monday- Karen came and took Milly to Brilliant Sky and the Arboretum.  I did a good bit of stuff, from following up leads to taking care of things people requested for their websites over the weekend.  One was a nice long talk with someone about trading a website for dance lessons for Milly.  The person seemed really nice and we’re meeting with them on Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to it and think Milly will have a lot of fun.  They said she could even participate in the class that night.

Later on we went to a park and met up with the Johnsons and the Andrewses, sans David who was working.  Milly continued to impress me with her climbing prowess.  After Jamie and her boys left Milly wanted to walk down by the water, where there was a little platform.  We all ended up over there and the Johnsons gave her a magnet book type deal that Jacob had picked out for her birthday.  It’s one of those things that’s like a sticker book, but with magnets so you can reuse them over and over again.  The kids enjoyed being on the dock because you could see an untold number of fish just below the surface of the water, which was pretty clear.  I think you could easily scoop them up with a net.

After that we went to The Fuzzy Peach in Porter’s Neck.  We hadn’t been to that one before, so now I think the only one we haven’t been to is the one in Monkey Junction.  Milly and Jacob were wound up and had a good time running after each other around a chair and playing Freeze.

I was planning on jogging today, but I didn’t get a chance to.  I was going to go in the morning, but Karen didn’t get here until 10:00, and by the time they left the house I had too much work to do.  Then this evening we went out.  I guess I could have stayed home, but that would have been pretty antisocial of me, and I do like seeing our friends.

Zach Dotsey