Amanda’s had some trouble finding a dress to wear as a bridesmaid for Hannah’s impending wedding.  It was a matter of size, style and, most specifically, color.  The freedom Hannah granted her bridesmaids actually seems to have made it any harder.  (If you’re reading this, that’s not a knock on what you’re doing, Han- I think all the bridesmaids thought it was an awesome idea that you’re letting them all pick their own dresses!)  Anyway, Amanda decided, in the interest of time, to order three dresses to try them out, since the last one she ordered did not work out.  She really liked the first one she tried on, and I thought it looked really good on her too.  She also got some heels, which do what heels do, but fortunately she’s still shorter than I am with my shoes off when wearing them, so I really like them too.

Milly was in a really happy mood for most of the day.  She stayed pretty occupied during my busy morning and went down for her nap pretty easily the second time.  She was making loud noises about an hour after I put her down, so I went upstairs and talked to her about going to sleep, which she eventually did.  And she was good this afternoon while we were dealing with an issue.

Deanna and the girls came over to give Milly yet another birthday present!  Milly and I were outside on the porch drawing with chalk when I got a text from Deanna, who lives directly across the street from us, saying they had a present for her and asking if we were busy.  I texted back, “Do we look busy?”  It was meant as a joke because she could look out the window and see us, but I don’t think Deanna realized I was teasing at first.  Anyway, the present was called a pogo jumper or something like that.  It’s a cushiony block with a stretchy rope and handles that you bounce on like a logo stick, but it doesn’t bounce back up.  Instead, it makes a squeaky sound.  Milly took to it pretty fast, though she does best when she’s got someone supporting her from behind with it.

If you haven’t noticed, I stopped tagging my posts.  It’s not that it takes all that long, but I realized that it’s one of the things that prevents me from posting my posts as often, since it does take a little time and effort.

Zach Dotsey