I learned first thing today that Rodney Hood chose Duke over Ohio State and a couple other schools yesterday.  He’s transferring from Mississippi State and was on the SEC All-Freshman team last year.  He was projected to go in the first round of the NBA Draft if he’d elected to.  He’s also 6’8″ and can shoot the three ball decently well, which is the type of player COach K can do great things with, so we Duke fans are very excited about this choice.

Up just before 6:00, got dressed in dark jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt to run cameras at church today.  Given that it was over 100 degrees yesterday and I think it was again today, that was a fun prospect.

Since we’re back down to one car again, Nick picked me up.  I was actually a little happy to be wearing long sleeves when we first walked into the church though, because I was hit with a blast of cold air.  It was a bit chilly in there.

Had a good time running the camera.  There were a few challenges with the current stage setup, but that just made it more interesting.  Amanda and Milly came to the 11:00 service.  I sat with Amanda after the music was done.

Went home after that and put Milly down.  Michael and Jenn stopped  by to pick up our car power adapter.  They’re on the way to Ohio.

Ate a lunch of leftovers and watched The Soup with Amanda then took a nap myself.  Woke up to Milly wanting me to get in her pool with her, which the three of us did together.  Watched Lady and the Tramp after that.  Definitely her current favorite.

Lambeths stopped by.  Vacationing for the week at Carolina Beach.  Gave Milly a birthday present- tutus and a Disney princess phone, which she played with most of the rest of the night and wanted to take to bed with her.  They didn’t stay long.  Graelyn was shy, but Daniel’s gotten so big.  He showed clear understanding of questions when asked things and was communicating well.

Storm looked like it was going to roll in.  Ben and Jessica had gone through what they called a hurricane-like storm on the way down here.  Looked like it was going to be bed, but we just got a little lightning and thunder with a little bit of rain and a few small wind gusts.

Amanda went to go see a movie with Cyra and maybe some other girls.  Milly and I just took it easy.  Played a little, ate a buh-nella (granola) bar, watched a bit of Frannie’s Feet, a current favorite Netflix show of her about a girl who hangs out at her grandfather’s shoe store.  They always get a distinctive pair of shoes and she puts them on then imagines some educational adventure.  Not too bad a show for her.  We also played (most of ) a game of Candy Land and read Happy Birthday, Baby, once with me reading it and once with her doing it.

Zach Dotsey