Milly started singing the song sung by the Siamese cats, Si and Am, on Lady and the Tramp today, over and over and over.  She would only sing one part though: We are Siamese if you don’t please.  Sometimes she’d do the ba-dum-bum-bum too.

She also learned Brown Eyed Girl today.  I’m pretty sure I’ve played it for her and maybe even sang parts of it for her before, but it’s been a long time.  Karen said that they heard it today and Milly liked it, saying something about being a brown-eyed girl, and so Karen played it for her in the van after that.  When Karen was leaving she asked if Milly was her brown-eyed girl and Milly said, “No, I’m Daddy’s brown-eyed girl.”  Yup.

Speaking of “Daddy”, Milly has been calling me and Amanda Mom and Dad more often lately.  Sometimes I’ll call her Mil when she does that.  She used to say, “No, I not Mil, I’m Milly!”  She’s more likely to let it go anymore though.  I used to say that if I was Dad then she was Mil, but she doesn’t seem to care either way now.

Went for a jog this evening.  It’s been nine days since my last one so I was worried about how I’d feel.  I surprised myself though and did fine.  I started off at an easy pace, but I ended up with a decent one (for me).  I think I could have jogged the whole 5K, but my right knee, which hasn’t been an issue for a while, flared up.  I pushed through it for a while and got about 2.25 miles before I had to stop.  I still alternated jogging a little after that, but I never did it for too long.  Hopefully, like before, I can just keep doing it and it’ll stop hurting.  I mean, it’s fine now.

Amanda has been slowly building up a bunch of money on The Sims in order to add a few new people and houses to the game.  I think she said she had over $20,000 in it.  In the blink of an eye Milly got that back down to about $1700.  I saw Milly had bought a table, two coffee makers and two or three stoves when I told her she should stop buying so much stuff.  Then she started to sell it all back (when they could at least be moved to other houses) so I told her not to sell it back either.  She said, “Daddy, go to work!”  I posted that on Facebook and Christian (Quinn) Galtieri’s response made me laugh: Don’t mess with a girl when she’s shopping!

July 4th vacation starts soon!

Zach Dotsey