North Carolina native Andy Griffith died today.  He was best known for portraying Sheriff Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show, which ran from 1960 to 1968.  (Thanks, Wikipedia.)  He also played the titular character in Matlock.  I won’t say I watched a lot of either show, honestly, but Andy Griffith was an icon.

Stayed busy through morning, left for Rougemont around 2. I drive. Made one stop for Milly to pee at a McDonald’s in Cary, so Amanda got an ice coffee, I got a Rollo McFlurry and Milly got some nuggets.

Got to the Rouge just after Dad got home. Unloaded our car and groceries from his then got in pool. Put swimmies on Milly. She was uncertain as I was letting go of her, but then she was delighted.  Got out when we heard thunder, but nothing ever happened.

Ate dinner, hung out, watched Call of the Wildman, one of my dad’s new favorite TV shows. Milly wanted a bath so Amanda gave her one.

After Milly went down I floated around the pool a bit while Mom, Dad and Amanda sat on the porch. All went in after a bit. Adam showed up some time around or before 9. Dad went to bed soon after while we watched a show on deep sea exploration.

Emma, Andra’s mini-dachshund who has been staying with my parents, had a mass of fleas. Mom washed her and put stuff on her twice. Found some on the couch but they weren’t jumping, so maybe they’re dying.

Erin’s house sitting but said she’d be over in the morning. Andra’s crew is at the beach. Dad invited David over but he has to work.

Zach Dotsey