Slept until about 9. Parents had breakfast ready when we all got up.

Went for walk/run with Dad and Adam. Dad walked, Adam started out with me then ran ahead. I tried not to let that up my pace, but it did. He walked with Dad a bit then decided to match pace with me when I caught up, which was right at two miles. I think he made it just over half a mile more with me before deciding to walk. He’s usually on a treadmill, so I thought he did great.

I did jog the whole 5K. Knee started bothering me some, but not enough to make me quit. Probably would have walked some towards the end if I didn’t have my app telling me how close I was to completing the 5K. Had a record time. Finished it right before meeting back up with Dad and Adam, walked the rest to cool down.

Most of the rest of the day was spent in the pool. Milly played with Adam a lot and took her nap around 1. Erin got there about half an hour later.

Not a whole lot else to tell about the day. Good food to eat, lots of pool time, good time with family.

Dad called Baba to tell her happy birthday. I was on the porch when he did and she was on speaker. As much as I liked the day, I miss being in Kentucky.

Zach Dotsey